Laminate Flooring Wellington

An ever-popular choice for countless households, laminate floors are stylish, hardwearing and durable. That is why Absolute Flooring Solutions provides laminate flooring in Wellington and for homes throughout Devon and Somerset. Our range consists of all the leading brands and we also provide an expert fitting service. Not to mention, laminates come in many different colours and wood-types for realistic hardwood replication at a fraction of the price. So, to arrange free measuring and obtain a quotation on laminate or any other flooring choices, call our experienced team today.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

The benefits of laminate flooring are many, such as:

Solid Wood VS Laminate Flooring

Are you still on the fence when it comes to choosing between solid wood floors or laminate floors? Maybe we can shed a little light for you. If the budget is an important factor for your decision, then laminate may be for you. As it is a cost-effective alternative to wood flooring that doesn’t break the bank. If appearance is an overriding factor for you, then investing in hardwood flooring may be preferable. Laminate does a fantastic job at replicating wood floors, but imitations are never quite the same as the real deal. If you have a busy home with pets or children then you may prefer the durability and damage resistance of laminate flooring. Alternatively, you could instead opt for the more easily restorable real wood option. Whatever your priorities, we can offer expert advice, plus we have an extensive range of both laminate AND hardwood floors to choose from!

Professional Laminate Floor Fitters

We are professional floor fitters and provide a meticulous and high-quality fitting whether you choose laminate, carpets, sheet vinyl, wood floors or LVT flooring. Our measuring service is free of charge and we will supply you with an accurate, inclusive, no-obligation quotation. Furthermore, we also provide a range of additional services to complement your new floor installation, including screening, sub-floor preparation, bespoke door trims and skirting and floor restoration and repairs too. Call today to arrange a quote.

Contact Absolute Flooring Solutions

Contact our flooring company to arrange a quotation on laminate flooring in Wellington and throughout the South West regions. We look forward to helping you bring your home-decor dreams to life, with our range of quality affordable flooring. Call today for expert advice and to book a free no-obligation home visit.